Open Wheeler Racing Cockpit

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Open Wheeler Racing Cockpit

A true racing game seat simulator for all racing simulation game maniacs around the Globe

We all love car driving simulation games, and with technology rendering these racing simulation games so real life-like in sight and sound, the only thing lacking is the feel. Sure some controllers vibrate and some people even have a home video game wheel residing on their lap or possibly attached to a flimsy bureau. None of these give you a realistic racing feel, the best you can hope for is to get accustomed to the poor feeling and not mind it anymore. But now it's time to go into the next generation in home video driving game controls.

Realistic racing settings

The OpenWheeler Car Driving Game Chair appertains to the most current generation of game chair simulators, which doesn't just provide you with any worn-out seat either, this is quality man-made leather automobile driving seat. This isn't a lounge chair fitted out with a video game wheel! This is a correctly calibrated driving game simulator cockpit! Examine any racing car, their conspicuous traits are that they are low and sleek. Low-lying to decrease the air below them. Smooth to stab through the air easier, and both to reduce their centre of mass. Sitting low is what racing is all about!

Full compatibility with all racing wheels and driving simulation games

OpenWheeler is the greatest simulator chair platform for your best loved driving simulation or flight simulation games. OpenWheeler is suited to PS2, PS 3, Xbox, Wii and computer car racing games. Its design features permit you to add car driving game wheels, control yokes, analog sticks, keyboards, mouses, liquid crystal display screens, etc.

Totally adjustable racing simulation game wheel and pedal mounts

A totally flexible frame and steering platform, suited for video racing simulation game lovers from two metres to 120 centimeters. The steering wheel and pedal mounts are structured to accommodate the most famous car driving game wheel and pedal sets.

The most optimal driving posture

It is quite convenient, even for a 6'2" grownup, and the children will find it comfortable too after they fine-tune the width between the pedals. The oscillations commute all the way to the racing cockpit, rendering the driving experience a lot more pleasant than it is when racing with a racing game wheel placed on a desk or some other stand. OpenWheel offers also excellent shoulder and back support.

Driving Chair

A telescopic home video game driving wheel platform and gliding rails

Altering posture is a matter of seconds, utilizing 2 easy-twist knobs and the telescopic home video game driving wheel platform. The sliding rails, just like with a genuine car, offer you the finest racing experience for you.

Easy maneuvering

The OpenWheeler Driving Cockpit has the lightest overall weight. It weighs less than twenty kg, it is easy to store and move around the house, thanks to the minute front wheels. Like a stroller.

Receive the maximum for your cash

Now the game driving simulator marketplace is crammed full. Still, a very few players offer a different price range. Most commonly, you acquire not too many features for a huge amount of funds. With OpenWheeler you save cash and time. The car driving game simulator cockpit simulator will give you a very convenient racing position. OpenWheeler will provide you with a lot more than you are paying for. The price of OpenWheeler ranges and depends on the specifications. Still, it is indeed reasonable - between £200-£300 British Pounds (300-500 dollars).