The Shredded Chef - Fitness eBook Review

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The Shredded Chef - Fitness eBook Review


The Shredded Chef is an e-book containing some 120 healthy recipes, which should help you in building muscle, attaining a lean body and generally staying healthy.


These are important terms, for many muscle-building e-books out there just tell you to eat certain foods, without giving you step by step instructions on how you can go about preparing them.


The Shredded Chef goes that extra mile, of giving you recipes for preparation of various foods that, when consistently consumed, will help you stay lean and generally healthy, while building muscles. Again, we have to note that in the diet e-books where you are just given instructions on the foods to eat, there is always the risk of you messing up the whole thing, by preparing the foods in the wrong (unhealthy) way.


The Shredded Chef deals with that problem, especially when addressing the diet elements of building muscles (in the simplest possible terms).


While other recipes for building muscles are very complicated and time-consuming, you will find the ones in the Shredded Chef rather simple and time-saving. This is one of the ways the Shredded Chef stands out from other muscle building recipe collection e-books.


At another level, while other recipes for building muscles require costly ingredients, the recipes in the Shredded Chef require affordable ingredients. Finally, while other e-books containing recipes for building muscles contain some recipes that don’t make scientific sense, each and every recipe in the Shredded Chef makes sense, in terms of parameters like carbohydrate/protein ratios.


The recipes in the Shredded Chef are varied, and you will find this ideal for your palate. The Shredded Chef is unlike other muscle building recipe collections, in which you tend to find very little variety in the resultant dishes.  The variety in the Shredded Chef’s recipes should help you stay on course with your weight loss and muscle building diet program without getting bored.


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